Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews UK


Essential Stand Up Paddle Boarding Gear

Knowing what to wear in changeable conditions and which gear works and adds to your overall Stand Up Paddle Boarding experience is essential. Our quick guide to what works will ensure you get to enjoy your SUP all year round.




General Touring:

A Neoprene top with or without a lightweight wind and waterproof jacket (if cooler). Neoprene shorts or dry trousers (if cooler). Alternatively, a mid-weight triathlon wetsuit which provides unrestricted shoulder movement. Neoprene shoes/boots. SUP gloves/mittens (if cooler). Coiled leash and Personal Floatation Device.



Full length wetsuit thickness depends on temperature. Neoprene boots. Straight surf leash.




General Touring:

A Neoprene top. Neoprene shorts or board shorts (if warm). Bare feet of Neoprene shoes/boots (if cooler or you are unsure of underfoot conditions).. Alternatively, a lightweight triathlon wetsuit which provides unrestricted shoulder movement. Coiled leash and Personal Floatation Device.



Shorty length wetsuit. Straight surf leash.




General Touring:

Thermal base layers, wind/waterproof top and dry trousers. Dry suit in colder conditions. SUP Gloves or Mittens. Coiled leash and Personal Flotation Device. 6mm Neoprene boots. Pure wool hat.



Full winter wetsuit. Palmless SUP Gloves or mittens. Neoprene boots. Hood. Straight surf leash.


We recommend the following SUP KIt / Companies



We wouldn't be without our DryRobes.!  They are a must have for anyone who spends time in the water.  It's a changing robe which provides instant protection from the elements.


We use ours for any sporting events, plus they are great to throw on later in the evening when camping to provide instant warmth.  Cheaper alternatives are available but believe us, a DryRobe is a must have.


Palm equipment

Palm Equipment


Palm Equipment have the largest and best known range of Paddling equipment in the UK. Started by Andy Knight back in 1979 Palm quickly developed a reputaion for innovative canoe and kayak equipment. This passion in gear design has been extended to SUP gear where they are responsible for some of the best drysuits and paddling accessories on the market.



Peak UK


Peak UK was formed by Pete Astles in 1990. A talented paddler, Pete and his team pride themselves as world class innovators. All their products are designed and tested by experts, both at paddling and garment production.





Mystic produce a great range of technical SUP gear. Whether it's Neoprene suits,  thermo layers or rash tops, Mystic just get it. All the gear has been produced with ease of movement at the forefront of design.  They are also pretty stylish!


rnli_001 RollerBone



Not an essential bit of kit but we have never heard of anyone regretting buying a balance board. 20 minutes a night in front of the TV and you'll be amazed at the improvement in your balance.