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Red Paddle Sport 12 6

Inflatable Paddle Board Review

We have chosen the Red Paddle Sport 12 6 over the traditionally designed Explorer 12 6 as we feel it deliver more performance with little down side.


With sleek lines and only 30" wide, the Sport 12 6's Glide Speed is good, and compared well with many hard boards. Stability and manoeuvrability marginally against the Explorer but the square tail adds stability and it paddles responsively but predictably.


A sleek and sporty board which would suit more experienced paddle boarders looking to add a bit of fun to their touring.


Little to choose between the top boards in this category. 4 boards scored 4.6 out of 5.

The Red Paddle Sport 12 6 is the one of the fastest iSUPs we looked at in the Touring category. Stability does suffer, especially the 32" boards, but the square tail does compensate. The RSS batons are positioned slightly forward of the paddling position which adds rigidity as the board pushes through the water.


The 9" FCS Touring Fin provides great tracking and is an improvement on the standard US Fin Box Fins.


Expect to pay £1049 (with an aluminium paddle included).


More information and where to buy at


As with all the boards reviewed, the Red Paddle Sport 12 6 is manufactured at one of the World's top iSUP factories. We can therefore guarantee the materials, accessories and manufacturing processes are of the highest quality.


The board has a double layer polymer fusion construction (pioneered by Red) with double layered rails. This results in a light weight (10kg) yet stiff and responsive board.


The Sport 12 6 comes with a single fin set-up.


The centre fin is a 9" FCS Connect Tool-less Fin. FCS are recognised as the leading fin manufacturer in the surf and SUP market and a number of companies favour these fins in their ranges. This is a move we welcome as a good fin is vital to a boards performance


The Red Sport 12 6 comes with the Red Paddle Titan pump which is generally considered the best hand pump available in iSUP packages. Inflation is quick and easy with the only downside being the size of the pump which obviously adds some bulk to the overall package.


The bag is a hardwearing wheeled back pack. Suitable for travel and general storage. Little to differentiate from most similar wheeled iSUP bags.


The paddle supplied is a standard aluminium paddle.  Some retailers offer free or discounted upgrades to a glass fibre paddle. We would strongly recommend an upgrade as it will greatly improve your paddle boarding experience over a standard aluminium or alloy paddle. A carbon paddle would be an upgrade but not really an essential expense, other than for the most experienced paddle boarders.


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