Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews 2018



Quroc Qi Crossover 10'4" 2018

Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Quroc consistently produce high-end boards with top spec and great design.


The board is unchanged for 2018, maintaining the more parallel outline which provides improved speed through the water and better tracking than most allround paddle boards. The FCS centre fin further improves tracking, meaning less paddle hand changes and provides excellent stability in choppier water.


The compromise is a slight fall in surf performance, although we found it picks up waves easily enough.


A great Allround iSUP which is stable enough to suit beginners and delivers the high-end performance to satisfy experienced paddle boarders looking for a fast manoeuvrable allround inflatable board.


A great allround board which delivers against all our Allround Inflatable Paddle Board Performance Criteria.


The dynamic shaping results in great in speed through the water while, at 10'4", whilst it remains extremely manoeuvrable.  The FCS Fin and a squarer tail provided excellent stability. It also tracks well and cruises better than most longer boards in the Allround Category.



As with all the boards reviewed in 2018, the Quroc Qi Crossover is manufactured at one of the World's top iSUP factories. We can therefore guarantee the materials, accessories and manufacturing processes are of the highest quality.


The board has a triple layer polymer fusion construction with double layered rails. This results in a light weight (9kg) yet extremely stiff and responsive board.


The Qi Crossover has a 2 + 1 fin set-up.


For 2018 Quroc use an FCS  Fin. FCS are recognised as the leading fin manufacturer in the surf and SUP market and a number of companies favour these fins in their 2018 ranges. This is a move we welcome as a good fin is vital to a boards performance. The large fin provides excellent tracking and stability, especially in choppy conditions. Larger fins can result in more drag. However, this isn't particularly noticeable and the improved tracking negated any real impact.



The Qi Crossover comes with a Quroc branded 2 way pump. As with most pumps on the market, it's manufactured by Bravo (version 4) and inflates the board easily and quickly. In our experience the Red Paddle Titan is the only hand pump currently included in iSUP packages which out performs the Bravo SUP 4.


The bag is a hardwearing wheeled back pack. Suitable for travel and general storage. Little to differentiate from most similar wheeled iSUP bags.


The paddle supplied is Quroc's G-Tech Tour Series glass fibre 3 piece paddle. It's a great quality light-weight (0.7kg) paddle. We strongly recommend a glass fibre paddle as it will greatly improve your paddle boarding experience over a standard aluminium or alloy paddle. A carbon paddle would be an upgrade but not really an essential expense, other than for the most experienced paddle boarders.


Quroc Qi Crossover 10 4