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Oxbow Explore Air 11

Inflatable Paddle Board Review

The Oxbow Explore Air 11 is one of the longest ISUPS in the review. It cruises and tracks well with a longboard feel in small waves.


Following the trend for faster, better tracking boards, the Oxbow Explore is a short manouerable  touring board.  It also catches small waves with ease.


Glide Speed is good, as you would expect with an 11' long board. Stability and manouevrability are also better than most touring boards.


A sleek and longboard iSUP which would suit paddle boarders who are looking for improved manouverability over Touring boards.

The Oxbow Explore Air 11 offers greater speed and paddling ease over traditional Allround iSUPs. Manoeuvrability does suffer, but it does provide an option for those looking for speed but retaining some easy control. Not as manouevrable as some  Allround boards but it responds well in most conditions and ticks the fun box.




As with all the boards reviewed, the Oxbow Explore Air is manufactured at one of the World's top iSUP factories. We can therefore guarantee the materials, accessories and manufacturing processes are of the highest quality.


The board has a double layer with added stringer stiffening technology This results in a mid weight (11kg) stiff and responsive board.


The Explore Air comes with a single fin set-up with a standard US Fin Box.


The Oxbow Explore Air 11 comes with a  Bravo SUP 4 hand pump.


The bag is a hardwearing wheeled back pack. Suitable for travel and general storage. Little to differentiate from most similar wheeled iSUP bags.


The package does not include a paddle but these can be bought separately.


Oxbow Explore Air 11 2018