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Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Jobe Yarra 10'6"

A nice and stable entry level Allround inflatable paddle board.


Jobe have a reputation of delivering quality iSUPs at a great price and the Yarra certainly delivers.


The traditional rounded shape results a steady but manoeuvrable feel on the water. Great for beginners and less confident paddlers.


It's not quick through the water but turns nicely, picks up small waves and tracks reasonably well.


A traditional Allround iSUP. Great value at £759. Mostly suitable for beginners or more cautious paddlers looking for predictable performance


A traditionally shaped allround board which delivers a reassuringly predictable performance against all our Allround Inflatable Paddle Board Performance Criteria.


As with most rounded shapes, its speed through is not great and the board is more suited to flat water. This said, it will pick up a small wave easily enough and manoeuvrability is good.  We prefer a 2 + 1 fin set-up but the single central fin is adequate and the board is nice and stable.

Expect to pay £759 (with aluminium paddle included).

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As with all the boards reviewed, the Jobe Yarra is manufactured at one of the World's top iSUP factories. We can therefore guarantee the materials, accessories and manufacturing processes are of the highest quality.


The board has a double layer construction. This results in a light (9kg) and rigid board.


The Jobe Yarra 10 6 has a single fin set-up.


The centre fin is a standard 8" fin fitted in a US Fin Box System.


The Jobe Yarra comes with a Jobe branded 2 way pump. As with most pumps on the market, it's manufactured by Bravo (version 4) and inflates the board easily and quickly. In our experience the Red Paddle Titan is the only hand pump currently included in iSUP packages which out performs the Bravo SUP 4.


The bag divided opinion! It's a waterproof backpack which can be used to take your gear safety on to the water while paddling. This is ideal if you have a bit of a trek to the water and can't leave your gear in the car, etc. However, the down side is the pump and paddle are carried on the outside of the bag which makes transporting the gear more awkward.


The paddle supplied is a standard aluminium paddle.  Some retailers offer free or discounted upgrades to a glass fibre paddle. We would strongly recommend an upgrade as it will greatly improve your paddle boarding experience over a standard aluminium or alloy paddle. A carbon paddle would be an upgrade but not really an essential expense, other than for the most experienced paddle boarders.


Jobe Yara 10 6