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Asenne Floater 10'6"

Inflatable Paddle Board Review

The Asenne Floater 10'6" is a traditional Allround Inflatable Paddle Board with some subtle design tweaks which set it slightly apart from other Allround boards.


Its pointed nose and lack of nose rocker improve its speed through the water compared to more rounded boards. However, these benefits are mostly suited to flat or calm water.


The board maintains a relatively wide shape from nose to tail making it extremely stable and ideal for beginners. It would also provide a great platform for SUP yoga. The traditional 2 + 1 fin set-up gives it plenty of grip and it can easily pick up small waves.


A great value allround inflatable paddle board, suited to exploring inland waterways or use in calmer sea conditions.

The Asenne Floater is a stable and manoeuvrable board which has been specifically designed to excel in flat water conditions. Its pointed nose improves its speed through the water, while the lack of nose rocker has a displacement effect when paddling. This is great for flat-water but can adversely effect performance in choppier conditions.


It obviously lacks the pace of the sleeker allround boards but in all other aspects of performance it performs extremely well.  Stability and manoeuvrability are key strengths, aided by the large 9" centre fin, along with its ability to catch a wave.

Expect to pay £780 (with an aluminium paddle included).

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As with all the boards reviewed, the Asenne Floater is manufactured at one of the World's top iSUP factories. We can therefore guarantee the materials, accessories and manufacturing processes are of the highest quality.


The board has a double layer polymer fusion construction with double layered rails. This results in a light weight (9kg) yet stiff and responsive board. Assene recommend a PSI of 16 for general use, up to 22 for surfing.


The Floater has a 2 + 1 fins set-up.


The centre 9" fin is housed in a standard US Fin Box, using the traditional screw plate to secure it.


The Asenne Floater comes with the Bravo SUP 4 two way pump which inflates the board easily and quickly. In our experience the Red Paddle Titan is the only hand pump currently included in iSUP packages which out performs the Bravo SUP 4.


The bag is a hardwearing wheeled back pack. Suitable for travel and general storage. Little to differentiate from most similar wheeled iSUP bags.


The standard paddle supplied is a basic aluminium paddle. However, there is an option to upgrade to a carbon version for an extra 150 Euros.


Asenne Floater 10 6