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One question which we are asked a on a regular basis is how we select our boards for review.


We are very open about wanting to widen the choice of iSUPs available across the UK and Europe so we include smaller European brands such as Quroc, Asenne and Siren along with the more common boards available from most European SUP retailers.


Widening consumer choice is good for the industry and we have seen Fanatic recently introduce their Pure Air range of iSUPs as direct competition to iSUPs at a lower price point.


We have no commercial affiliation to any brand and would consider publishing a review for any European iSUP company, small or large, as long as we were happy with the quality of the board. If you have a board you would like reviewed, please let us know via the Contact Form.


Within the next 2 years we are planning on opening a dedicated demo, training and sales centre where we cherry pick boards which we feel offer the best iSUP experiences. Most UK retailers are affiliated to one or two brands and only offer their boards. We aim to break this mold and offer a more bespoke selection.


We understand the growing concern across the SUP Industry about the impact of lower priced boards. Some of this is obviously about self-preservation but there is also a worry that poor SUP experiences will damage the growth of the sport. We share this concern and this is why we have limited our reviews to boards produced at only the top 4 iSUP factories as these factories have track record of innovation and quality. We also know that at an end-user level that something vital like a Product Waranty would be honored.


Unfortunately, this means we have declined requests to include some smaller UK iSUP companies where we have concerns over either the quality of the boards and the structure of the company. These can include having boards manufactured at new pop-up factories with little or no track record or businesses run on a part-time basis, where the only contact number is a mobile, etc.


We are always looking to extend our online community and hope to develop a website forum for all things iSUP. If you are interested, please let us know via the contact page and depending on demand, we will ask our techie friends to crack on with the development.